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Lorde - Solar Power

Информация о видео Lorde - Solar Power

Название :  Lorde - Solar Power
Продолжительность :   00:00:00
Пользователь :  LordeVEVO
Дата публикации :  
Просмотры :  
Понравилось :   661
Не понравилось :   57

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Комментарии к видео Lorde - Solar Power

play this in 2x speed. its hilarious
Комментарий от : No

Moha Med
Pure heroine!
Комментарий от : Moha Med

James Young
Yellow is definitely Randy's colour
Комментарий от : James Young

Geraldine Ortecho
This sounds like "The look" of Roxette
Комментарий от : Geraldine Ortecho

Kyle Tate
Any one totally hear a Beck influence here? Especially the overdubs and outro.
Комментарий от : Kyle Tate

Benjamin Nicholls
This song is really, really bad. Just awful
Комментарий от : Benjamin Nicholls

sveinung lidsheim
I used to be a fan. Now, i`m a windmill.
Комментарий от : sveinung lidsheim

Ian Lunn
I Like the chorus, anthemic.
Комментарий от : Ian Lunn

HectoR MarqueZ CervanteZ BarragaN CastillO 2021
Beautiful song………..made my 24heur ……….isn’t that a day,

Комментарий от : HectoR MarqueZ CervanteZ BarragaN CastillO 2021

Veridiana Xavier
Комментарий от : Veridiana Xavier

Mark Lang
Just so everyone knows Lorde is not a songwriter. She’s credited for writing ZERO of her songs. Stop giving her so much credit
Комментарий от : Mark Lang

Mark Lang
Once you become popular you don’t even have to try anymore. Sounds like some song on a daytime kids show. Yet it’s Lorde so we get a bunch of people going wild over mediocre shit
Комментарий от : Mark Lang

Javier Salinas barros
2:51 Le wild ethnical looking dude appears

Комментарий от : Javier Salinas barros

Ya ya ya I am Lorde ya ya ya
Комментарий от : Biggie_B716

Abby Saldaña
i kinda didnt like this song at first but now im kinda feeling it
Комментарий от : Abby Saldaña

Ana Maria Mendez
Reminds me of Nathalie Imbruglia
Комментарий от : Ana Maria Mendez

1:48 thats when the midsommer vibe hits the most
Комментарий от : solohanse

Probie Abhi
The harmony at the outro is freaking great!!!!!!😎
Комментарий от : Probie Abhi

Probie Abhi
I'm I the only one who thinks that outro at the end is similar to seven road bridges by the eagles... BTW the track is Ahhhmazing!
Комментарий от : Probie Abhi

The Fossil Fuels industry dislike this music video.
Комментарий от : FRISHR

Anthony Maclellan
"Gotta have faith"
"Flagpole Sitta"

Комментарий от : Anthony Maclellan

Emil Velasquez
Thanks Nivea.
Комментарий от : Emil Velasquez

I've been in a really dark and hard place mentally for a long while now, and as soon as I heard this song I felt like I suddently had permission to feel better and be happy again :')
Комментарий от : zixxie

Neon Tyler
When the album drops were going to the beach and play Solar Power album then release all the pain and breathe , Meditation is we need ☀️💛
Комментарий от : Neon Tyler

midsommar in a brighter way
Комментарий от : Kate

Dowayne Breedt
This song is kinda shit.
Комментарий от : Dowayne Breedt

Loaded sample?
Комментарий от : K S E

Dusk jk
Bring back depression. That's more like you
Комментарий от : Dusk jk

Jason Baker
This song has the same harmonic progression as George Michael's Freedom 90. Somebody needs to make this mashup ASAP.
Комментарий от : Jason Baker

Shaikha ali
The dopamine is kicking innnn 😩
Комментарий от : Shaikha ali

Avi Jenkins
1 black guy can save a lot …
Комментарий от : Avi Jenkins

Avi Jenkins
About time girl
Комментарий от : Avi Jenkins

Jayce Bee
I love her music it’s very different each time and thats good.
Комментарий от : Jayce Bee

Daniel Mendoza
South park
Комментарий от : Daniel Mendoza

I want the over sized sweater wearing insecure intellectual back.....please?
Комментарий от : friedricengravy

This is terrible. I mean, I know its impossible to top ur hit.....so in this case Royals will always cast a tall shadow, but even so, this is just really bad lyrics with a boring melody.
Комментарий от : friedricengravy

A. Johnson
This video is so relaxing. Yes......
Комментарий от : A. Johnson

Esteban Velez-Carrillo
Randy Marsh made new music and it's awesome! 👍
Комментарий от : Esteban Velez-Carrillo

Jordan Holloman
Little embarrassed watching this
Комментарий от : Jordan Holloman

Rachel T.
Midsommar vibes....
Комментарий от : Rachel T.

Liam F. O'Kane
Is it just me or is the chorus essentially George Michael’s “Freedom”? Asking for George.
Комментарий от : Liam F. O'Kane

Комментарий от : CrankyChocoTaco

Brian Shawley
this is about psychedelics!
Комментарий от : Brian Shawley

Hongyi Pan
who said lorde couldn't dance
Комментарий от : Hongyi Pan

Isacc Moreno
A sadie sink le gusta esto
Комментарий от : Isacc Moreno

12 December 1531
🎶Gotta have Faith!🎶
Kinda reminds me of George Michael’s song

Комментарий от : 12 December 1531

dzbricks Lego
Your back!!!
Комментарий от : dzbricks Lego

Mel Mnrz
Am I the only one who can hear the tunes from Freedom by George Michael?!
Комментарий от : Mel Mnrz

Graeme Wheeler
and suddenly, my depression is cured
Комментарий от : Graeme Wheeler

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